Our Step by Step Guide Towards Achieving Climate Neutrality

As Climate Officer, it is your responsibility to reduce your company's emissions and compensate for the remainder. Let’s explore this process together.

Step 1: Log into our platform

After you have been assigned as a Climate Officer, you will automatically receive an email from us with your temporary access. Using this password and your email address, you can log into our members’ area. We will schedule a first call to ensure that everything is working and to clarify any ambiguities.

Step 2: Calculate your Company's Emissions

The next step in our onboarding process requires the calculation of your company’s emissions. Together with myclimate we have developed our own carbon calculator using their collected data set. As other compensation partners also offer software that allows all those factors to be calculated precisely, feel free to calculate your corporate carbon footprint with any other calculator you like. The average time needed to gather data for this calculation is between two weeks and two months, depending on the company’s size. Open this link to see our list of compensation providers who will help you with the calculations. We will keep track of the process, provide tips and support via email and calls if necessary. 

Your company's emissions are divided into different scopes based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol:

Scope 1 – All so-called “Direct Emissions” from owned or controlled sources, including your owned or leased office, factories, warehouses or shops. 

Scope 2 – All so-called “Indirect Emissions” from the generation of electricity that is being purchased and used by your organisation, including data servers.

Scope 3 – All Other Indirect Emissions from your organisation’s activities which are occurring along your value chain including both upstream and downstream emissions.

For the Green Pledge your first commitment is to calculate and compensate for your Office Scope (i.e. Scopes 1 and 2, plus business travel, office facilities), in order to achieve basic climate neutrality. The greatest reduction potential and impact lies in Scope 3 emissions, which are more difficult to calculate. Therefore, we are taking a step-by-step approach and will focus on Scope 3 after reaching basic climate neutrality. However, if your capacities allow, you can include them from the beginning.

Main corporate emission sources: 

  • Facility Management - Energy, Air Conditioning, Water Usage

  • Staff Mobility - Commuting, Carpooling

  • Business Travel - Flights, Trains, Cars

  • Procurement - Catering, Office Supplies, Electronics

Step 3: Compensation

After you have calculated your carbon footprint, your company will buy offsets for the same amount of CO₂ emissions. To do so, you can choose from different climate protection projects and providers. In making your choice, it is important to pay attention to the international certification of the project, such as the Gold Standard (GS) and the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). A more detailed explanation about compensation and a comparison of the common standards for projects can be found here

Once your company has paid for the offsets, you will receive a certificate from the compensation provider. You can use this for marketing purposes and communicate your company’s commitment to achieving climate neutrality to your clients, partners and employees. Keep in mind that this commitment needs to be renewed each year. The compensation is only valid for the amount of CO₂ calculated for the previous full year and therefore the certification is only valid for the current year. In order to be permanently carbon neutral, your company’s CO₂ footprint must be offset every year.

Step 4: Enter and upload

During our on-boarding process, we ask you to enter your company's carbon footprint and upload the offsetting certificate issued by our offsetting partner. Once we have checked  the information provided and confirm that your company is carbon neutral, we will change your company’s status on our website to “verified”.

Step 5: Activate act now! - Badge and microsite

We have designed a digital badge which allows you to communicate that your company is  climate neutral, and also that you are actively working on reducing your emissions. After we have checked and verified  that you have successfully offset your emissions, this badge will be available in the members’ area. It is available in different languages and formats so that your company can use it for marketing purposes and display it on your company website. Once live on your site, visitors can click on the badge and will be directed to your personalised microsite on lfca.earth ,where they can find information about your company’s contribution to mitigating climate change.

Step 6: Corporate Climate Action Program

After achieving basic climate neutrality, you, as Climate Officer, should actively work on further reducing your company’s emissions. Significant emissions reduction forms the most important part in transforming our economy. In your members’ area you will find a variety of measures for corporate climate action which you may mark as complete once your company has implemented them. You can track the direct impact of the measures via your  individual dashboard. Click here to read more about our Corporate Climate Action Program.

You can also  check out our Guide to Reducing Company Emissions.