The Green Pledge

Our program to guide you to effective climate action on a personal & company level. Free of charge, the only thing we ask for is your honest commitment to change.

The Personal Pledge

Transformation starts with ourselves: To develop a greater awareness of the environmental impact of your actions, we ask you to calculate, offset, and reduce your personal carbon emissions.

Step 1 - Measure

Use our carbon calculator to figure out your personal carbon footprint (travels, diet, energy consumption, etc.) or the one from the Federal Environment Agency.

Step 2 - Compensate

Compensate your entire carbon footprint by financing a carbon capturing project through one of the external offsetting companies.

Step 3 - Appoint a Climate Officer

Appoint a Climate Officer who will help to measure and reduce your organization's carbon footprint.

Step 4 - Start your reduction journey

Now it's time to take action! We recommend you reduction measures to effectively reduce your emissions based on your personal carbon footprint. After one year you will be reminded to renew your pledge, so make sure to start your reduction journey straight away! Here is our full reduction guideline for personal emissions. We only offer general information packages and will not provide company-specific advice.

The Company Pledge

Now it’s time to make your business more sustainable. The Climate Officer of your organization will take care of the necessary steps to measure the entire carbon footprint of your company, reduce emissions and compensate what cannot be reduced. Here is our full reduction guideline for company emissions.

Improve your travel policy (Avg. savings 30%)

Ban domestic flights in favor of train rides. Make sure to incentivize your employees to only travel if necessary, make use of modern communication channels instead.

Switch to a green energy provider (Avg. savings 15%)

It does not take much time to switch to green energy but doing so has a huge impact on your company's carbon footprint.

Go one step further!

Compensation is just the beginning: we encourage our members to get even more involved. Questioning the sustainability of their business model, talking to customers and partners and working independently on new solutions.

Such lighthouse projects can vary depending on the structure and business model of the company; often it is personal contacts that help.

Do more

What does it mean to “do more”?

We encourage every member of our community to go the extra mile: To challenge the sustainability of their business model, to talk to customers and partners.